A work of Art which did not begin in emotion is not art.


I am passionate about my work and with god’s help I will be where I want  to be one day but where did it all begin...


At a very young age  my father always encouraged me to draw & paint, and so I started my earliest works. I went on at 15 to win first prize in Pakistan for an oil panting that I had painted with such pride & passion, that my work was reflective of it. It was then I realized that art was not only a hobby but it would be a big part of my life and it is.


I went on to study at the University of Cambridge, receiving top marks in Art & Design  with 92%. I was also selected to attend the State University of New York with a full scholarship.


In 2004 we came to London with my husband ready to start a new life. However I have always found a peaceful inner solace through my painting. My Painting are my joy, my life, my torment. I strive to achieve on inspirational element through my usage of colour and light space, and with God’s guiding hand I will continue  to paint for “ painting is the grandchild of nature, its is related to God”.



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